What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique helps you transform. 

Physical and mental tension transform into freedom of movement and mind.

The Alexander Technique is a skill set that helps you perform at a higher level. Or get out of pain.

The Alexander Technique goes like this:

identify tension ------> pause the usual reaction -------> direct yourself to explore a new movement or thought 

You'll stop habits of harmful muscular tension. Which leads to decompression of your joints.

Which leads to elegant movement in any activity.

Walking, running, sitting at a desk or on stage...you'll have more freedom and fuller breath.


Why would the Alexander Technique help your breath?

You might slump. Or you might take on a military-like posture, which pushes the ribcage forward. Both of these postures cut off your breath.

FM Alexander was an actor who kept getting hoarse. Voice issues are deadly for an actor. His doctor told him to rest his voice. But he had to work. So he figured out the Alexander Technique.

He was often called "the breathing man" because he helped people breathe fully.

These are the steps. You can try them. 


Become aware of a physical or mental habit that puts you in pain or distress


Pause your initial reaction (it could be a movement or thought reaction)


Redirect yourself into a new, better choice for movement and/or thought

Why do you need me, if you can learn on your own? 

Because it's so difficult to see our own habits.

The good news is, once a habit is recognized it's on the way to changing.

I'll help you identify habits.

You'll have power - to take yourself out of anxiety or pain.

Because you'll learn to coach yourself. To stop yourself from going into habitual tension. 

You'll enjoy sophisticated cognitive and physical skills. 

The results are decreased pain & anxiety, improved mobility, a better voice. The Technique impacts your entire body/mind. 

It's an incredible investment in your life. 

Why haven't you heard of the Technique? 

Actors and performers use the Technique throughout their careers. It's often called the actor's secret. It's taught at Juilliard, Yale Drama, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Mannes School of Music, New School of Drama and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

How do you know if the Alexander Technique is for you?

The Alexander Technique is ideal for:

  • actors & performers
  • people with performance anxiety
  • people with breath or voice issues
  • people in pain
  • stress management
  • self-mastery

The Alexander Technique helps people from all walks of life.

I use the the Technique to stay out of pain, manage stress and short-circuit anxiety.