Feel Better.

If you have a performance or pain problem, I'll help you. Lots.

I can help you

  • Release tension, breathe more freely, and get out of pain.

  • Be fully present during auditions, presentations, and in daily life.

  • Convey what you want to express, through your voice and your body language.

  • Transform unhelpful thoughts into empowering ones.

What are lessons like?

In each lesson I will identify habits that are putting you in pain or sabotaging your performance. 

We'll work on sitting, standing and walking with ease and grace - without pain

Voice is part of every lesson if you are an actor or performer.

If you want a clear voice and a dynamic presence, I can help you.

Common questions:

You might have questions about problems. I'll help you get comfortable. 

How can I sit without my back hurting?

Why does my neck hurt at the computer?

Why does slumping feel comfortable?

Who takes lessons?

Everyone, at any age, benefits from lessons.

Lessons with me can provide the relaxation you crave - many of my clients see me instead of getting massages or in addition to their massage sessions.

Meditators love lessons because they learn to sit comfortably and discover tools to stay present - Alexander Technique is an excellent way to meditate in every moment and helps you have a more satisfying sitting practice.

Elite actors and performers take Alexander Technique as part of their studies. Students at Juilliard, Yale and NYU's drama and music programs take lessons as part of their curriculum. The Alexander Technique is often only available in bigger cities.

And that's a shame, because everyone can benefit from taking lessons.


My Story

I grew up with a single mom in El Paso, Texas. She has scoliosis, and our family chiropractor had recommended that she take lessons. But, there wasn't an Alexander Technique teacher in El Paso. As a dancer, I desperately wanted to take lessons.

I started to suffer from debilitating pain. The kind of pain that keeps you awake at night.  After trying massage, yoga and Rolfing, I finally took lessons in the Alexander Technique. 

My knee pain went away -- I could run again. 

Neck pain disappeared -- I could work at the computer again. 

Walking around the block used to hurt my feet like hell, but after Alexander Technique lessons I could wear high heels and walk over 5 miles. Now I can easily walk 8 miles a day. 

Stagefright used to overcome me. Even at meetings, I'd get super shy. But now, I'm okay. I can make it through a meeting and stand up and talk in front of a group. 

I love, seriously love, teaching the AlexanderTechnique. I believe in it.

Because I've completely transformed the way I move. Now I move efficiently and easily. 

My clients learn to use the Technique in every stage of their lives and in every activity.

You'll learn three skills:


I'll teach you how to identify the movements and thoughts that cause you pain or discomfort.


You'll learn to change the movements that are bringing on the pain. 


You learn to direct yourself into a better, pain-free habit. 

If you're wondering how you can use your body/mind better, the Alexander Technique is for you. If you're an actor, the Alexander Technique is for you. If you're a performer or presenter, the Alexander Technique is for you. If you're in pain, the Alexander Technique is for you. 

If you are stressed or anxious, the Technique is of enormous use. 

Everyone benefits from the Alexander Technique. 

Read more about the Alexander Technique.


zina anaplioti wilde actor nye
After one lesson with Jessica, I immediately saw the difference in my acting and most importantly, in my LIFE.

I have taken Alexander Technique with some of the top teachers in NY and LA.

Honestly, nobody comes close to how effective Jessica is.
— Zina Anaplioti, Actress, NYC, Greece; Billions

christiane seidel headshot.jpeg

I worked with Christiane Seidel to master one of her most demanding roles -- playing 10 different characters (9 males) in THEN SILENCE.  We communicated long distance while she was on set in Santa Fe so I could coach her to ride a horse effortlessly and hold a gun elegantly in GODLESS.

I love working with Jessica so much! Her spirit and talent - invaluable!
— Christiane Seidel, Actress, NYC, Berlin; Martha in GODLESS, Sigrid in Boardwalk Empire

Monica Trausch.jpg
I began suffering from hand and wrist pain that was constant. I had been diagnosed by a doctor with de quervain’s tenosynovitis, and was told I’d need surgery. Within a few weeks, I felt a significant improvement in my pain—to now living pain free, thanks to the work I did with Jessica! For me, it was about changing habits and getting in touch with my body. I do not need surgery and now live pain-free. 

My boyfriend noticed I’m way more relaxed and less irritable now that I’m not in pain. 

Jessica is gentle and I immediately felt comfortable with her. I feel she truly listens to me. She is also so flexible with scheduling.

I highly recommend Jessica Santascoy for anyone who wants to get out of pain, be more in touch with their body, and be happier as a result!
— Monica Trausch, Writer, NYC

CL Headshot.jpg
One of the greatest benefits of lessons with Jessica is learning to deal effectively with anxiety.

AND I have not been in pain since studying with Jessica. PLUS I feel more grounded, present and ready when performing.

Jessica teaches with kindness and she is nonjudgmental. She has a wide open heart and mind and is 100% present in our classes. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone who wants to become more comfortable in their own skin and effortlessly efficient with their body. 
— Christine Liu, Actor, New York City

I had never heard of The Alexander Technique until my acting teacher Larry Moss suggested that I should go. I took his advice seriously and found Jessica Santascoy.

Working with Jessica is not only helping me as an actor, but also a person. As an actor, Jessica helps me find my natural alignment so that I can stand up into my full potential. As an actor, standing up into your full potential is absolutely necessary at all times, but even more so when working on strong, powerful, epic roles. Specifically, Jessica helped me prepare when I was working on Vanda from Venus In Fur and on Lady Macbeth.

After doing this work for 5 straight months, I feel I understand what the Technique has to offer well, and can say that I couldn’t imagine working on a character without utilizing the tools I have learned from Jessica.

Acting aside, The Alexander Technique has dramatically improved my life. I used to have terrible back and neck pain and had to see a chiropractor on a weekly basis. Over time, as I began to better understand the technique and implement it into my life on a daily basis, my pain began to diminish, and now I can proudly report that I am back and neck pain free, and no longer need to see the chiropractor at all.

When Jessica and I are not working on characters from plays, she teaches me simple things that affect us all everyday. For example, she taught me the most effective way to sit in a chair, to put on my shoes, to drink from a cup, how to get up after I have been lying down...Most of us have odd habits and ways of moving. We picked them up from childhood, from our parents, from our environment, etc. But just because we have been doing things a certain way for years, does not mean it is the best, easiest way.

Jessica teaches you how to be mindful of your body and use your body in the most effective way. I highly recommend working with Jessica if you want to stand up into your full potential, take your space on the stage and in the world, find your breath and voice more easily, eliminate back and neck pain, learn the proper way to sit, stand, drink, tie your shoes, work at a computer, and basically transform into the most confident, most attractive version of yourself.
— Dani Baum, actress, writer, director, producer, coach, 660 Studios NYC

Jessica has the language, understanding, and practice to take you from mediocre to extraordinary.

With Jessica’s guidance I have a system for identifying stressors and making the necessary adjustment to make each moment as stress free as possible.
— John Smiley, Educator, Actor, Director, Memphis, Tennessee

clem mcintosh.jpg
Jess is Amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg!

My Alexander work with Jess has not only increased my confidence in the audition room and on stage, but also in life in general.

I recommend Jessica to anyone who wants to increase their presence on stage and in the room.
— Clem McIntosh, Actor, NYC, Canada; Master of None, Boardwalk Empire

Taking class with Jessica has helped me trust in my body and remember that I can forgive myself, be kind to myself, and enjoy more freedom and discovery in my practice as an actor. With her guidance I have been able to return to the idea that “I am enough”, and that my work as an actor is to take care of myself and embrace myself and my own experience, as opposed to trying or pushing to get to something “right”.

Even walking into an audition room has become an entirely different process; I still get nervous, but I’m drastically more confident than I was before working with Jessica, because she has helped me realize I have the tools inside of myself to come back to my presence, to enjoy, and to relax into the process as a continuation of my practice as opposed to a sudden trigger for anxiety.

Since I started working with Jessica, family members and friends have also noticed an increase in my confidence. It is a difference I can feel too. As I come into a closer, more loving, and playful relationship with my own experience, I have begun to apologize less. Instead of shrinking, I have begun to discover the joys of expansion, freedom and owning my own space.

Not just what Jessica teaches but the way in which she teaches has made all the difference. She never makes me feel I am doing something “wrong” or “right,” but instead helps me approach the work with curiosity and trust in the possibilities of trying something new and different. Habits are never “bad,” they are just things to notice and approach with a loving awareness and sense of space, and then they are an opportunity, once identified, to explore a new way. Working with Jessica is not only a window into richer creative experiences as an artist, it is also a creative experience in and of itself.

I cannot recommend Jessica Santascoy enough for anyone who wants to find more confidence, relaxation, presence, and freedom in the moment.
— Katy Pinke, Actor, Mandarin Translator, London

lars engstrom headshot.jpg
For years, I have unsuccessfully tried to improve my posture, and I have had trouble with foot pain. I came to Jessica Santascoy knowing very little about Alexander Technique; after taking 10 classes with her, my physical life has been transformed. My foot pain has diminished significantly, and good posture is no longer something I struggle and “work hard” for. My wife has told me I am taller than before taking the classes. 

Jessica has a very relaxed, confident technique. She has an intuitive style that is very easy to give over to—when working with her, I feel completely confident that she is guiding me in the right direction; she is very good at explaining. She has a gentle touch, without being invasive, and is very patient. Any fears of judgment or “doing it wrong” fall away when I’m working with her, and I very highly recommend her. 

At one point, I had intense headaches at night for weeks. In one session Jessica fixed what 3 doctors and an emergency room visit did not.

Jessica is awesome!
— Lars Engstrom, Actor, NYC

Before working with Jessica, I felt perpetually uncomfortable sitting or standing for long periods of time. I would fidget and overcorrect my posture, and by the end of the day, my muscles would be tired and sore. Within four lessons, Jessica taught me how to melt away tension and move with ease. Now, after a full day at the office, I have at least 90% less tension in my shoulders and neck. When I spend the day walking or running around the city, I end the day with significantly less discomfort. The best result of my lessons so far has been that I no longer need to fidget and overcorrect my posture. 

Jessica’s guidance helped me to feel natural, relaxed, and open during my entire wedding. Because of Jessica’s coaching, I could recognize and release all the tension and nervousness in my body. I enjoyed every wonderful moment with friends and family, and I wasn’t exhausted by the end of the big day!

Jessica is absolutely wonderful to work with. She immediately puts me at ease and gives clear direction and explanations when introducing new concepts. I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica to anyone who wants to eliminate pain and unnecessary tension from working for prolonged periods at a desk or in front of a computer.
— Agnes Chan, Designer/Product Manager at Felt Tip Inc., New York City

Jessica is a Nationally Certified Instructor of The Alexander Technique, American Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (AmSAT). She is a volunteer facilitator for SMART Recovery NYC, a nonprofit organization that helps people seeking to abstain from addictive behaviors.

Past Board Member, American Society of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)

BA, Psychology, University of Texas at El Paso

MA, Media, New School, NYC with a focus on directing & sound 

Jessica trained at The Alexander Educational Center in Berkeley, California and at the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT) in New York City. She has been a guest teacher at the Alexander Technique Centre Amsterdam and has taught in Warsaw, Madrid, and Montreal.

 New York City

Midtown at 30th Street between 6th and 7th Ave.

Inwood - Uptown Manhattan at 200th between Broadway and Sherman Ave.

Skype or FaceTime Coaching is Available