Pain Relief with Alexander Technique

Many people, like myself, use the Alexander Technique to get and stay out of pain. 

Neck and Back Pain: Case Study

Melinda had tremendous neck and back pain.

When using her mobile phone or tablet, she crumpled her body into a slump. 

When she was working in cafes, she was dropping her head towards the laptop to see the screen.

Her head felt like a weight, pulling on her neck and back muscles. By the end of the day she was in excruciating pain, irritable and often had a headache. 

Through Alexander lessons with me, Melinda became aware that her habit of allowing her head to drop down was causing a lot of pain.

The laptop had become a stimulus for her to “dump” her head – when she’d start working on her laptop, she dropped her head down.

She realized that she could choose not to do this, and learned a better way to work. 

I taught her to balance her head at the top of her spine. To breathe while working. To release her jaw. 

Now, Melinda gets more done because she’s not in pain. She proactively prevents pain, and her productivity is increasing.

As a bonus, she looks and feels elegant and youthful. All the time, not only when she works. Because she understands how to use her body in an efficient way. 

Melinda is tremendously satisfied with her Alexander Technique investment, as you can imagine.

Free Resource

In my article, The Enjoyable Jaw, I give you techniques to stop jaw tension. No matter what kind of pain you're in, coaching yourself to ease jaw tension is a wonderful skill that will help ease pain in other areas of your body. And, if you're a performer, you'll want to have a super free jaw!