How to Feel Happier in 27 Seconds - Reach for the Sky, Literally

We spend a lot of time working inside. Being outside has so many benefits and looking up at the sky has become a lost art.

I remember when I was little my mother and I would spend time laying on the grass and watching the sky - it was so fulfilling.

When was the last time you looked up at the sky? 

When we look down too much - well, it's easier to feel down. Looking up can bring our spirits up. 

I made this video for you to inspire you to enjoy the sky - and expand your perspective by literally expanding what you see. 

More breath more joy

Enjoy breathing.  Image: Banku Patchara

Enjoy breathing. Image: Banku Patchara

One of the easiest ways to work with your breath is to become aware of when you hold your breath. You may be surprised at how often you hold your breath. It’s usually held for a couple of seconds or more. You may be holding your breath because of postural habits or it could be that you have too much tension in an area. Or you simply have the habit of holding the breath rather than allowing it to cycle in and out freely. 

Notice when you hold your breath

There are a many keys to allowing breath to be easeful, but the first step is to notice if you hold your breath:

  • as you work at your computer or on your mobile
  • when listening to people
  • on the train
  • before you're about to speak, especially when you’re speaking publicly or performing
  • when you're working out

More breath more joy

Notice if you drop off tension throughout the day by noticing your breath. Are you happier or less stressed at the end of the day?

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image: Banku Patchara