What is the Alexander Technique? 

It's a skill set that you can learn to get yourself out of pain and perform at a higher level. 

The Alexander Technique has simple steps that help you become aware of how you hold tension. Then, you'll learn to stop going into harmful patterns of tension. 

Like this:

identify tension ------> release

Reported results are: decreased pain & anxiety, improved mobility, a better voice and more confidence.

You literally learn how to stop compressing your muscles which leads to a decompression of your joints. That's why many people feel expansive after lessons. 

Here are the steps:

Awareness of a particular physical or mental habit that puts you in pain or distress

Pause your initial action or reaction

Redirection into a new better choice for movement and/or thought

If you want to know what to expect in lessons go here, where I also give you a more in-depth history of the Technique.   

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Hi, I'm Jessica Santascoy. 

I help people move and think elegantly.

You'll learn the skills to perform at your very best on stage and in life.

Philosophy: we can develop into whomever we choose, change is always possible

After one lesson with Jessica, I immediately saw the difference in my acting and most importantly, in my life.

I have taken Alexander Technique with some of the top teachers in NY and LA.

Honestly, nobody comes close to how effective Jessica is.
— Zina Anaplioti, Actress, NYC, Greece, will appear in Billions
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One of the ways we can work together is on a role:

Through easy, fun to learn mind/movement activities, I worked with Christiane Seidel to master one of her most demanding roles yet--playing 10 different characters (9 males) in THEN SILENCE.

Together, we created physically expressive characters.

We freed Christiane of limiting thoughts - resulting in more rewarding & memorable performances.

christiane seidel new york city actor berlin
I love working with Jessica so much! Her spirit and talent - invaluable!
— Christiane Seidel, Actress, NYC, Berlin; Sigrid in Boardwalk Empire

Become the most attractive version of yourself.

Jessica has the language, understanding, and practice to take you from mediocre to extraordinary.

With Jessica’s guidance I have a system for identifying stressors and making the necessary adjustment to make each moment as stress free as possible.
— John Smiley, Actor, Director, Educator, MFA Acting, UT Austin
john smiley actor
Jess is Amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg!

My Alexander work with Jess has not only increased my confidence in the audition room and on stage, but also in life in general.

I recommend Jessica to anyone who wants to increase their presence on stage and in the room.
— Clem McIntosh, Actor, NYC, Canada
I cannot recommend Jessica enough for anyone who wants more confidence, relaxation, presence, and freedom in the moment.
— Katy Pinke, Actress, Mandarin Translator, NYC
Jessica teaches you how to transform into the most confident, most attractive version of yourself.
— Dani Baum, Actress, Writer, Producer, NYC

Sometimes, pain gets in the way.

I'll help you prevent pain and stay at the top of your game so that you can pursue what you love. 

actor_new york city lars engstrom
“I had intense headaches at night for weeks. In one session Jessica fixed what 3 doctors and an emergency room visit did not.

After taking 10 classes with Jessica, my physical life has been transformed.

Jessica is awesome!
— Lars Engstrom, Actor, NYC

My Credentials

Nationally Certified by the American Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (AmSAT)

BA, Psychology, University of Texas at El Paso

MA, Media, New School, NYC with a focus on directing & sound 

 New York City

Skype or FaceTime Coaching is Available